Black Speck


'Black Speck' Issue 1 

Sci-Fi tale for all ages!

The planet 'Prawde' and its people are dying.

No one seems to recognize the dystopia they live in.

A young boy, 'Tumunos', who keeps hope for everyone, may have found the key to their salvation.

Among the content and happily-rationed populace, can he find anyone to aid in his undertaking, or even care?

'Black Speck'  Issue 2 

'Tumunos' discovered a particle he believes can give his people a new home- an escape from their dying planet.

'Headmaster Tesuk' confiscated the particle, but has no idea the power it may hold.

Even worse, the Headmaster apparently took the particle for Tumunos's favorite teacher- Master Remenin, who Tum had hoped would help him research it. 

'Black Speck'  Issue 3 


The space ship is prepared, the path through space is charted, and the particle manipulator is ready to create a new Big Bang.

Unfortunately, Headmaster Tesuk has his hands on the particle again.

Now it's up to Tumunos to retrieve the particle and get the mission back on track. 


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