Fourth Life


'Fourth Life' Book One

Chris and his girlfriend, Michelle, live simple lives in a quiet town. Cara and her boyfriend, Victor, do not. While on vacation, Victor sees a picture of Chris at a small diner, and believes him to be an old 'friend' who betrayed them, then vanished years before.

Is Chris actually the criminal Johny 'Tuscan' Belitor, or is Victor simply mistaken? Either way, Cara's and Victor's lives of crime and violence storm into Chris and Michelle's calm, and on the eve of Chris's marriage proposal no less. 

'Fourth Life' Book One lays the foundation for an intriguing tale of love lost and redemption gained. While a crime drama at its core, 'Fourth Life' delves into science fiction and psychology as its thrilling twists and turns lead to an ultimate showdown between a crime boss and the goon who got away. 

'Fourth Life' Book Two

After the murder, Chris connects with Detective Bebe Flowers and aids her in the investigation. As the two learn more about Ashton Wallace, Ashton stays in contact with Vic, who is preparing to grab Chris and Return him to New York.

The 'possibly' old acquaintances are now destined to clash. Will Chris recognize Vic? Will he prove himself to actually be 'Tuscan'? Will he even survive the meeting? Find out now!

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'Fourth Life' Book Three

Detective Flowers continues to investigate Michelle's murder with Chris's and Hayden's aid. Using Chris's past to uncover new leads, they come closer to the truth about 'Tuscan'. 

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'Fourth Life' Book Four

30 pp. finale! 

The showdown between Chris Bailey/ Johny 'Tuscan' Belitore and 

Ashton Wallace is imminent, and now it is here. 

Who will survive? 

And who actually killed Michelle? 

Answers inside!