'Imadre' Chapter One

The opening chapter of 'Imadre' - a survival adventure graphic novel currently in development at Dance Panda Comics. 

'Imadre' Chapter Two

Our young main character clashes with well-armed men on the island as we learn who they are and why they are there. He also stumbles upon a prison camp full of U. S. soldiers. AND our villain is revealed speaking with his goddess Imadre. 

'Imadre' Chapter Three

The Boy continues his survival and fight against the men on the island. 


He finds their weapon stash and steals a pistol. Then, he returns to the prison camp- gun and dagger drawn and ready.  

'Imadre' Chapter Four

After escaping the prison camp, the American soldier and the young boy devise their next plans. Are her fellow troops still alive? Are the boy's parents alive?

And how will Mr. Huet keep them from destroying his entire operation?  ​

'Imadre' Chapter Five

Miguel tells Lana his story of how he came to be

on the island as the two return

to the prison camp while searching for Lana's troops.

Imadre Ch 6.jpg
'Imadre' Chapter Six

Miguel and Lana's story continues

as Mr. Huet grows very frustrated over

their interference.