Garcia Brothers


'Garcia Brothers' Issue 1 

The assassination of a president, the experiments of a secret government organization, betrayal, redemption, loss and regret, corruption, guns and fists, brotherly love, and a seven foot tall hero with a gravity-defying vertical and fists as hard as diamonds-- 'Garcia Brothers' has it all!

'Garcia Brothers' Issue 2


Freddie was betrayed by his country. They turned him into something non-human and used him as a weapon. Bobby betrayed his country. They then made him their test subject for a new advancement serum.


Bobby must obey orders and bide his time, waiting for the chance to get out of his solitary. Freddie must fight back and be vigilant, saving Bobby before he becomes their new weapon.

'Garcia Brothers' Issue 3 

Freddie's war stories lead Bobby to investigate what is really happening to his older brother. Freddie runs into more trouble woth British agents, then quickly earns several new bullet in his hoodie. 

'Garcia Brothers' Issue 4 

In the conclusion 'To Become a Monster', Bobby's 'testing' advances to bloody new levels, and Freddie decides being ruthless will find his brother quicker than being righteous.  



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